February 18, 2010

A Formal Introduction

J+K Gallery on First Avenue


J+K Gallery on First Avenue is founded by a group of young artists and art lovers in spring 2010, almost a year after they started Creative World Art School (www.cw-arts.org). Realizing a lack of art culture in the neighborhood, they decided to develop an inspirational art gallery for the community. They thought the 450 square feet empty space next to the school’s lobby will serve that purpose perfectively. Immediately after they had that thought, they started calling their friends and their friends’ friends to put together a first show based on the theme “WANDERLUST.”


Arcadia is a quiet and family-oriented city located in the east side of Los Angeles. It owns a beautiful botanic garden – Arboretum – home to wild peacocks, a race track, and a gigantic Westfield shopping center. It has the reputation of being one of the best places in California to raise children. However, strangely, it does not have any art gallery that can provide residents the sensational experience of art viewing and art appreciation.

The Gallery on First Avenue, located in downtown Arcadia will be the first gallery established to serve start-up artists and the Arcadia community. By bringing in young artists in local areas, the gallery seeks to create an upbeat and artistic environment that can bring in joys, hope, creativity, and inspiration.

Mission Statement

Establish a friendly and artistic environment where artists can exploit their talents, build connections, and share ideas.

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